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Secure Message Delivery from a Trained Operator in Las Vegas

The Spectrum Secure Delivery Application provides messaging and paging services on your iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch and Android Devices. The app also allows secure access to your messages from Sierra Answering Service. The Spectrum Secure Delivery Messaging App enables hospitals, large organizations and small organizations meet HIPAA and HITECH security guidelines for sending protected health information (PHI).

Spectrum Secure Delivery secures PHI by protecting access with a configurable passcode, encrypting the transmission of data and not storing data on the phone or tablet. When a message is received, the user can Reply, Forward, mark In-Progress, or Completed.

The Spectrum Secure Delivery Application works on both 3G/4G and WIFI networks to ensure communication is never lost. With the secure, quick, and reliable interface, Spectrum Secure Delivery will provide your business with the right communication tool to help your business grow. By using this tool and having access to a trained operator in Las Vegas, you will be able to receive messages from you customers.

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